The LinkedIn Ninja will identify an approach to connecting with your target market that will increase the likelihood of accepted connection requests. We will develop the search necessary to identify your target market using EITHER regular LinkedIn advanced search or Sales Navigator. We will also write the custom invitation to connect and follow up messages needed to cultivate the new connections.

You then hand this information over to SocialBee and they will implement it.

What’s Included For One Clearly Defined Target Market

  • Develop an overall strategy and approach that will speak to your target market and increase probability of accepting invites to connect. This strategy will focus on developing a compelling WIIFT (what’s in it for them) that is not directly related to them becoming your client. This strategy will leverage other available marketing resources to tie your LinkedIn strategy to your entire marketing plan.
  • Develop detailed searches to identify key prospects and provide those search parameters – choice of either free LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.
  • Write invitation to connect message templates.
  • Write three follow up message templates intended to start a conversation and start thought leadership.
  • Write a get in touch message to reconnect with existing connections.
  • Identify Strategy in Sales Navigator to categorize leads (if using).
  • Custom guide written to document your strategies with all necessary details.

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ADD a Custom LinkedIn Ninja Profile Headline & About

It is very important that the messaging on your LinkedIn Profile works seamlessly with the strategy that the LinkedIn Ninja develops. These services will drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. However, that doesn’t mean they will connect with you. Your LinkedIn Profile still needs to compel them to follow through and connect with you.