white glove ninja transfer

Sit back and let the LinkedIn Ninja Team communicate and train the SocialBee Team on your LinkedIn strategy.

The LinkedIn Ninja Team

  • Will set up your SocialBee account and dashboard portal.
  • Will share and train your SocialBee Specialist on your custom LinkedIn strategy.
  • Attends a web conference with you and your SocialBee Specialist to introduce you and help answer any additional questions they or you may have.
  • Will work with your SocialBee Specialist for up to two weeks to help confirm appropriate profiles that meet your target market criteria or review the LinkedIn Posts and make suggestions for improvement.

Your Responsibility

  • Select and purchase your SocialBee Concierge Services with our instructions.
  • Attend the web conference to meet your SocialBee Specialist.
  • Take over and work directly with SocialBee once things are running smoothly (after 2 weeks)

As you can see, your role is significantly smaller than if you did everything yourself.

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ADD a Custom LinkedIn Ninja Profile Headline & About

It is very important that the messaging on your LinkedIn Profile works seamlessly with the strategy that the LinkedIn Ninja develops. These services will drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. However, that doesn’t mean they will connect with you. Your LinkedIn Profile still needs to compel them to follow through and connect with you.